About Us

I am Officer….not only a blog/website..its a mission.

Our Mission

Taking a motto given by Swami Viveknanda, “Service to mankind is service to God” .  I am Officer is trying little for generation next especially studying youths who are dreaming their future career to serve state, nation and society opting job in government..

Our Motive

Many youths having burning desire to be something enriched by their parents to settle and secure in future life but they can’t due to lake of information, guidance, strategy, motivation, material, scope, chances, procedure.

In back they confused with… How?….When?…..Why?…..Where? words.

Why I am Officer?

Solutions of all this “Success” can find in “I am Officer”.

A place where any and every aspirant candidate can approach


Metro to village,


Multistoried to Mud hut…. and can get…..

  1. Advertisement of recruitment of various jobs.
  1. Paper style and structure
  1. Rich study materials with reference books.
  1. Main and optional subject details.
  1. Frequently model interviews and success stories of successful officers and officials.
  1. Debate and detail discussion on current issues.
  1. Answer key, results of exams.
  1. Strategy and planning of various competitive exams.

All these can download free and freely as much a candidate can as wish.

At last

So, I am Officer is not just a blog or website but it’s a mission,

a mission towards humanity with the motto of………

                       “ What we got, we have to transfer”